our rotating "build a bowl" menu

We offer a rotating menu based on whatever is in season. Below are examples of what we have offered in the past. Not everything is available all the time! Keep in mind that catering clients can totally design their own menu from the choices below or work with our owner/chef to build something new! Come see us and our ever-changing menu at events around Denver, Colorado Springs, Summit County, Evergreen, Boulder, and all around the Front Range.

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V denotes vegan options, GF denotes gluten free options.*

Browse a list of our specialty bowls that we can create for you. Or check out our sample appetizer menu that we can also create for your event.


  • Thai Jasmine Fried Rice V, GF
  • Fluffy Cous Cous V
  • Hearty Pearled Barley V
  • Quinoa (power grain) V, GF
  • Cilantro Lime Rice V, GF
  • Hoppin John V, GF
  • Caraway Potatoes V, GF
  • Healthy Grain Combo V
  • Other exotic options available


  • Savory Pulled Pork GF
  • Jalapeno Shredded Beef GF
  • Turkey Cardamom Meatballs
  • Juicy Shredded Chicken GF
  • Duck Confit GF
  • Southwestern Chicken with Black Beans GF
  • Chicken with Mushrooms GF
  • Herb Roasted Lamb GF
  • Cheddar Roasted Beef GF
  • Apple Glazed Pork Loin GF
  • Bonzai Pork GF
  • Surf N Turf GF
  • Irish Corned Beef GF
  • Sage Roasted Turkey GF

Vegetarian and Vegan Proteins


  • Chimichurri V, GF
  • Sriracha Sour Cream V, GF
  • Cuban Mojo V, GF
  • Playa FireV, GF
  • Fresh Basil Tzatziki V, GF
  • Estaban Yucatan Fire V, GF
  • Avocado Velvet V, GF
  • Miso Honey V, GF
  • Hosin Habenero V, GF
  • Mandys Mistake V, GF
  • Balsamic gastrique V, GF
  • Fresh Herb Mustard V, GF
  • Boursin Cheese V, GF
  • Gado Gado V, GF
  • How about secret sauces, customized for your event?

* Vegan options always available. Also, it's important that customers with a high allergy or intolerance know that we have gluten on board, and therefore a slight cross contamination can occur.

Reach out for more information! We would love to hear from you!