we make people happy with food!

The idea of Crock Spot first came to fruition in 2008 while Stephen was living in New York City. He loved the idea of taking an ugly piece of meat and making it beautiful. A simple combination of an old school crock pot, a mirepoix, time and a whole lotta love, yielded delicious ingredients that would feed many. The food was consistently a hit at many a dinner party and the seed of an idea was planted.

Upon reconnecting with Mandy in early 2009, the idea flourished on. She instantly fell in love with his food and they both loved the concept of delivering home cooked meals that were not only yummy, but healthy too.

They spent the next 8 months perfecting a technique using crock pots, grains and popular sauces from around the world to form a fun and delicious menu.

The couple launched Crock Spot in May 2010. First debuting at Cherry Creek Farmer's Market with only a tent, a mobile kitchen and very high hopes that Denver would receive the concept with open arms and hungry stomachs. Not only did people love it, they cried for more. The biggest question received was, "Where are you located? and Where can we find you daily?" Embracing the obvious, Stephen and Mandy got working on the design for their new gourmet mobile food truck which hit the streets for the first time less than one year later. Due to its success, Crock Spot not only feeds their loyal fans daily in Denver, they are were also nominated to be America's Favorite Food Truck in 2011 by the Food Truck Network.

"We believe that your experience at a food truck is not just about the delicious food, but also about the time you have with the folks that run the truck. It should be fun and enjoyable on all levels." Madly in love with food and each other, Mandy and Stephen continue to Crock Your World. Your experience at Crock Spot is sure to make you smile and maybe even do a little jig!